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Impreza Classic MY20 For Sale - Spares or repair.


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MOT failure but 1 Mth left (5th March) until expire of current MOT. Main issue is corrosion but there are a number of other items it failed on as well. Car is LHD (European spec) imported from Holland by myself in 2000. Although pretty much standard, it does have JDM Sti engine but has only run on the std ECU settings once fitted to this car. I understand the engine had only done 20k miles when fitted and has done a further 100k with me. Most mileage up and down the M40 / M25 / M23.

It failed on corrosion and brakes - fronts are binding though I do have a new NSF calliper to be included in sale. The car has been standing for 6 months hence the binding brakes. 

The car drives and if a buyer is happy to drive with the major items outstanding, I will fix the "do not drive until repaired" fault which is new pads, so that it can be driven.

Any questions and further information, please contact me on 07967 999 700 / timd102@hotmail.com

Location is Nr Solihull / Coventry

Note: Private plate NOT included in any sale.

Cheers, Tim

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