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Timing problem? I think?

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Try to make this story as short as possible. Bought a cheap sitting subi that I LOOOOVE. 06 Impreza wagon. Needed head gaskets. Over the past couple years every single piece of rubber has gone bad. So I've slowly replaced every sensor, gasket, and seal. Bet you can't name something that isn't new. Everything is the highest quality. I want her to run forever. Going about 80 on the highway and she pops out of cruise and flashes the CEL. Misfire 1&2 and egr. After exiting the highway, I give her a rev and she's way quieter than before. Exhaust note quieter? 🤨 Over the next couple weeks and after an egr change, she rapidly loses power. I'm lost so I bring to a trusty tech that says valve guides are slipping. So I pull the heads and bring to a machine shop. They do a valve job and resurface. Said my valve guides are solid. Opposite heads on the misfire so I believe them. I install with new gaskets and adjust valves. Same problem. Same exact problem. Misfire 1 and 2. Weirdly quiet exhaust. No egr code but I can't drive it for long enough to pop that code if it's there anyways. It's been garaged for 2 weeks while Ive diagnoses guessed and replaced things every night. I am pouring money into her. Is my ecu fried? Is she just !Removed! at me? I try to give her the best and treat her right 😭

Things it is not (tried&replaced)

Injectors and seals, maf, intake mani gaskets, fuel pump, plugs, coil, wires, pcv, map, throttle body, knock sensor, intake valve solenoids 

Included is readings at idle and at 2500rpmish

Thank you 



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