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Santa Pod event - but with a twist - Fri 13 May


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OK folks - this is a Santa Pod meet but with a difference.

This is a private hire day that we have organised here (just a group of 5 petroheads from completely different brands / models) and you all are welcome.

First some background and why 5 of us are placing this together.


I was wanting a stainless pipe fitted to my motor and I got to know of someone who was selling his. The deal was that it would be taken off his car and then I pay for the pipe. When I met him to have a listen to his motor to make sure it wasn't too loud, he made me aware that he owns a garage. So the deal then became that I buy the exhaust and fitting of it at his garage. Anyway, once all fitted, I asked him how much I owe. He then placed a proposition in front of me that has LED to 5 of us organising what you are seeing above.

For his concern, he didn't want paying for the pipe or the 2 hours labour -  but could I donate to the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Charity in lieu of paying him. So after I argued with him that I must pay him something and the charity and he was having none of it - he kept saying, it is critical that the charity sees more money, he does not want paying.

I asked why is this important ?

One of his employees - Phoebe - she is an apprentice at the garage and learning the trade. She lost her husband to MND earlier in 2021, leaving her and their 2 children behind. She was not at the garage when I was having this pipe fitted so I was assuming someone later in life - maybe in their 40s / 50s perhaps older.

Oh no. She is 22. He was 23 when he finally succumbed and left 2 children, one being 2yrs old and the other 4yrs old.

When I opened the link that the garage owner had given to me for me to contribute, I could not believe it. Bearing in mind that only friends and family had been contributing, the donation to date was £11,000.  That is impressive for a young person to have touched so many people, that they would donate as much as that cumulatively upon his passing.

So a few of us were looking at stuff to do anyway last autumn - maybe a high speed runway run - V max day or something and thought why don't we dovetail something in with creating funds for this MND charity. So there you are and this is where we are at. We have booked the day at Santa Pod on private hire day for Fri 13 May.

It is Pod visit with a twist that appeals to all. It is a car show - so a show and shine, you can meet as a Subaru group, Subaru stand, whatever you wish. No need to take your car up the strip if you don't want to. But for those who do, they can. The ticket prices are different for the pure show and shine and then the drive up the strip and this link gives you the information. It's also for the family as well if you want to bring partner and kids. If you don't want to either show and shine or race your car, come along as a spectator.

Remember - everything goes to the charity - all of your money. The Santa Pod day has already been bought - so 100% of your sum goes straight through to this charity.

If I place something here that I did not know about because I know of no one with MND. 

MND takes no prisoners as there is no cure. Nor is it something that is genetic, although they do say there is 5% more chance of you contracting the disease if someone in the family has had it. But not conclusively genetic. It is a rare disease and only 1000 people contract it each year in the UK, with roughly 5000 people in the UK who are suffering with the disease. It attacks anyone of us at random, at any age. This 23yr old lad was a fit tree surgeon, was fine one day and then lost the mobility of his arm the next day - then the steep decline to death 6 months later. There was nothing physically wrong with him the day before he lost use of his arm. He wasn't ill or unwell, totally mobile and able. But clearly his body was going to have other ideas. Some live with the disease for many years and decades (Stephen Hawkins) - some die within 6 months. There is no treatment or cure - just drugs to help the symptoms. There is no rhyme or reason why some people have the disease either.

That is why this has become important to us, the organising group - and I hope you see the significance as well. 


It would be lovely to have your support on the day. A show and shine with motorsport viewing or motorsport participation day or as a spectator - whatever takes your fancy!

Thank you.

Tickets can be purchased here. Remember - 100% of your sum goes to the MND charity! The day has already been bought.

Thank you.



Just an observation - should you be interested in this as a group of Subarus, I think the tickets aren't brand/model specific. Therefore, it might be the case that to show your cars as a group/as a club, you might need to park up and wait on the long entrance road to consolidate and convoy in. Apologies, one of the omissions on the ticket.

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