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Going through the back catalogue of all the cars I’ve owned, my favourite was always my 1999 Subaru turbo 2000 wagon. I’d more or less told the Honda dealer I was buying their Integra R when in the way back I spied the 2 year old Impreza. One test drive later and I was and never will be again so shocked at the accessible other worldly performance of that weird little estate. I loved that Impreza for 3 years and then some scumbag broke into my house and ransacked it, found the keys and stole the Impreza . That was 2003 and I moved on to Porsches. I’ve had a wrx ppp since but it was never the car that turbo 2000 was.

I want another (wagon or saloon don’t care) but while I’m more than happy with the spanner’s on my mx5 NA and alfasud  I do recall getting a nervous tick even opening the bonnet on the scoob . What a lot of pipes! I don’t mind paying a fair bit for a turbo 2000 but I worry about buying a pup. Is there a reputable scoobie specialist that does inspections for prospective owners?


many thanks 

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