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Help and Buying Advice please

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That MOT history has some interesting things, mainly corrosion issues to front and rear subframe mounts, plus rear shockers leaking and various mentions of sticking calipers and submitted for MOT with a split CV boot, calipers sticking over several MOTs would lead me to wonder about how good the servicing actually was and i think overall that the car that has seen a lot of winter salt.

The true condition of the underside will only be apparent when you get under yourself and examine, shockers should be self levellers which are very expensive, assuming the shockers have been replaced and are now typical aftermarket items they also need new stronger springs fitting too (along with many cars with self levelling rear shocks the OE springs are as stiff as cars without self levellers, idea being the OE shockers provide some lift too), from the looks of how its sitting in the pics it looks low at the back so i suspect  new springs are not in place and the new shocks (assuming they are new) are standard aftermarket jobbies, lots of info on this very forum about this, mostly supplied by the ever helpful MrB.

Remember if this car is registered after March 23rd 2006 it's subject to the highest rate of VED which will be over £600 this year, i have  a standard XT myself of 2008 vintage so am in the same boat, just don't want you to realise about the VED implications too late.


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Thanks for the information. It’s quite interesting about the shocks and springs. I will ask them if they have ever been changed and if there is paperwork to substantiate the work being carried out. 

I will also ask about the rust and the brake pads and discs. I’m okay with the VED, it’s an old car so the emissions will be quite high. 

Overall do you think it’s a good car in terms of the age and condition? Also whether the price advertised is fair? 

Is there a Subaru specialist around the North West?

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No one can know if its good until they inspect it thoroughly for themselves and not rely on a salesman telling one what they want to hear, as for pricing things are all over the place and it all depends on that inspection and what it reveals.

No idea about specialists in your area, they're thin enough on the ground everywhere.

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