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Kenwood GX201RE head unit / sat nav etc

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My Outback has one of these units which appear to integrate everything including the climate control, CD changer, radio, tape, Satnav etc. Everything functions surprisingly well given the age of it all - and there is a satnav disk loaded as it is able to display reasonable maps. 

I have looked through the Subaru manual and can't find any mention of the satnav or where the satnav disk slots in.........google search doesn't bring up any link to a user manual at all .   I have hunted around the glove box and can't see where the satnav disk would go. .......

Does anyone have a link to a user manual - the owners manual i have goes on about the radio and cd changer but makes no mention of the satnav etc.   I know google maps on my phone is probably a lot better but it would be nice to know where to load the disk for the satnav and use it even if just for retro purposes (gotta love old tech!)


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