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Intermittent starting fault, immobiliser?


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Hi. Recently purchased a 2004 3.0 RN. It has an intermittent starting fault. It seems the immobiliser doesn’t turn off? When its been parked its fine but more when stoped for a short time. Tried locking and unlocking. Pressing fob with ignition on, after a number of tries it will start all a bit random. Any ideas, can i get the immobiliser turned off? Called local dealer yesterday to book it in but they didnt call back. Thanks Jonathan 

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I have a Subaru Legacy which had the same sort of issue, I think.  I posted about 4 years ago.  Look under weird immobiliser problem...

Have just resolved the issue and have re-posted.  In my case it was the wiring to the immobiliser unit.  Take a look at my post; maybe it will help.

Good luck.

ps:  after trying to start, keep holding the key in the full on position and hold it there; after a while (sometimes as long as 2 minutes, sometimes just a few seconds) the Legacy would just fire up.  Or, I found just leaving the key in on position (ie, so the dash lights are on) for a while, then removing the key and doing the whole starting process from scratch worked.  I preferred doing the key holding way as I figured it may be less taxing on the starter (?).

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