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2010 Outback overheating/coolant problem.


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Hello, I have a 2010 2.5 petrol Outback which has suddenly developed a coolant/overheating issue, I hope someone can advise what might be the cause.

The blue coolant warning light appeared followed by the red so I checked the plastic coolant reservoir/tank and it was very low, so I topped it up. There is some small evidence of water/coolant sprayed onto the front of the engine. But the red light has come back again after just 20 miles, and although the coolant level is unchanged there is obvious engine overheating (smells and can feel the heat when bonnet open). There's no visible white smoke from the exhaust or engine bay to indicate a blown head gasket. So I'm thinking it's maybe a thermostat or even a blocked hose?

The car had a full service and fluid change just 300 miles ago.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.


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Ok in case this helps anyone with a similar problem, here's what I've found (see above).

Luckily no sign of a head gasket failure (looked at oil cap and dipstick for mayo etc, no white smoke), but have since found the source of coolant loss which is where the lower hose joins the radiator, which is why I couldn't initially see it. Thing is I can't see if it's the hose connection (the clip) or the radiator elbow itself which is leaking. So I'll try a second jubilee on the hose first (as someone on this forum suggested some time back), and if that stops it I just need to replace the hose. Otherwise if it's the radiator itself then I'll get a new one fitted by a Subaru specialist. Hoping it's the hose, but even if it's the rad I think I've got away with a lucky break as replacing head gaskets is scary expensive.

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So after trying the new clip on the hose it's obvious its the radiator which is leaking, and from a place I can't see but above the lower hose junction/elbow. After looking at some decent YT videos I've decided to change the rad and hoses myself so they are on order. So now looking at ways to burp the cooling system after I've fitted the new rad and refilled the coolant. Anyone used the spill-proof funnel system to get any air pockets out?

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