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New Forester XT owner


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Just returned a Prius+ off lease. White goods, did everything competently, but never put a grin on my face and I no longer need seven seats.

Been browsing the Forester XT market since the beginning of this year as I fancy something a bit unusual as the RAV4/Qashqai/CRV alternatives are a bit humdrum - grins more important than fuel economy. Sanity would say Qashqai, heart says Subaru.

Just bought a 2018 XT cvt.  Last serviced by Gilesgate, and confirmed as owned by the family of the late Sir Tom Cowie, probably driven by one of his female grandchildren from the phones not cleared from memory.

Compared to the Prius+ and Yeti dsg, the CVT is superb. Plenty of power across the whole rev range. Everything feels solid and built to last whilst being very comfortable. No screaming engine like on the Prius+ and no silly gear changes like the dsg.

Seats are a bit slippy atm after being detailed, mpg is ( cough,cough) though budgeted for a big increase in fuel costs, but as probably my last ICE then this is a good place to be.



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