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Electrical fault


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Hi guys,

First off, sorry if this is in the wrong area.

I'm having an electrical problem on my 2004 on wrx. I know basics on a multimeter and have tried what I saw online a parasitic draw test and it said it should be really low, mine unless I'm doing it wrong is drawing like 10v. My first symptoms were Battery dying overnight and then I'd charge the Battery and it still didn't start the car. Got a new Battery and it fixed the problem.. so I thought. So I tested my alternator and it only charges the Battery when I have my lights or heating on. My little analogue clock used to be on even when I had the car off, and now it just shuts off when I turn my car off. My interior lights used to dim now they just shut off too. When I turn my ignition on it turns on, when turning the car over it turns off till the car starts. And recently mu car has starting issues. Most times it just starts as normal but more frequently It either starts and immediately cuts out a few times or just keeps turning. So I  repeatedly turn on and off the ignition until it starts no problem. Really confused with this and wondered if anyone could help me narrow it down? May I add it might be a coincidence that I had my engine steam cleaned shortly before it started doing this...  please help!

Thank you

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