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2012 legacy 2.0 D SE exhaust help!


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Hi all, very new here and looking to gently familiarise myself with doing as much as I can to the car myself to reduce costs. On this occasion I've been told the rear box and centre section are falling apart and has failed it's MOT. I'll be damned if im paying Subaru over 900 quid for a bog standard system. Even on a temporary basis I can't find any breakers yards online with any parts for it! Advice please?

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Worth ringing  https://www.mijexhaust.com/ and getting a quote for a custom made while you wait stainless system.

I've had two systems made and fitted by them (some pics on the Forester forum if you do a search of my posts) the last one a couple of years ago neither system required any return visits to date, CAT back on both the Forester and Outback before it (single systems) were £299 all inc, probably gone up a bit since then and if yours splits into a twin system at the back that will cost more.

Ok you're going to blow £60/70 on fuel getting there and back but if you can get the whole job done for £400/500 incl your travelling for a lifetime guaranteed system...

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