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2012 XV - manual diesel slight judder at low rev/gears


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Had this car for a couple of weeks (1 previous owner, 90k, full dealer service history).

got a mechanic to check it before purchase and given clean bill of health. I asked to check for a slight judder i’d noticed during test drive but wasn’t sure it was not just because i was not used to the clutch which has a very low biting point. He said it was fine.

Now after a few drives, i know its not me. In the first two gears, if driving gently, the engine will kangaroo a bit until you give it more gas…but thats not  always been safe if you’re inbusy traffic.


i put some diesel additives in (diesel rhino) in the hope it might just be a dirty injector..but i was wondering if theres any other things to check for. All i can find online are references to the cvt system, which is not available on the diesel model.

i did hear a slight high pitched whistle whilst accelerating on to the motorway, which made me wonder if a airhose might be on the way out.

any suggestions?



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I have a XV Diesel, 2012 as well.

I had a severe judder when I bought the car, so the garage diagnozed flywheel/clutch. I had them replaced (not cheap as the motor had to come out of the car to do this)

This has definitely made it far better, but there is still a bit of jerking when engine is cold and from start in the low revs...

My garage suggested Redline additive to try, cause if it is the injectors that need renovation/replacement the engine has to come out again...

So, I will try and fill some Redline Diesel additive but until now I've been lazy and forgetting it...

Good luck!


Guess we have to live with this...


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After replacing the shock absorbers, and getting the muscle memory right for the very low clutch on this car, the problem has vanished. I can only assume it was crappy roads coupled with crappy suspension and a very sensitive accelerator pedal.   Only times it happens now is on very bumpy roads.

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