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Need Help! Wireless CarPlay: Carlinkit 4.0 vs Ai Box


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I am a little bit annoyed that there's no wireless CarPlay on my car. I loved having Apple Play which allowed me easy access to Google Maps and music, plugging in my iphone with a cable is not hard but I hated having to connect a cable to my iphone every time I used it. I also hated having the loose cable in the car. So I want to buy a wireless CarPlay adapter for my car.
I recently found two adapters to make the CarPlay work wirelessly.
CarPlay Ai Box is a Multimedia Video Box that it can install massive apps from Google Play Store, and allowed me to watch videos on my radio, whether it was YouTube or Netflix! It supports Wireless Carplay and Wireless Android Auto.
If I’m out for a picnic, I can lie in the car and watch a movie with my family. It can make my CarPlay more interesting.
Android 11.0 Internet Ai Box Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto Dongle
Carlinkit 4.0 is a basic wireless (Bluetooth + Wifi) CarPlay adapter. It also supports Wireless Carplay and Wireless Android Auto. And it's price is much more reasonable than Ai Box, less than $90.
Carlinkit 4.0 Wireless CarPlay Adapter - Convert Your Wired CarPlay to Wireless
Best of all, they both can charge phone, plug and play. This is really convenient for me! But finally, I'm a little bit confused about how to choose. Does anyone have advice with these adapters?
Don't know if I'm posting in the right place, but I need help.
Any help is appreciated.

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