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05 WRX Smart charge system issue!


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Hi All,


I'm hoping someone can help? I have an 05 Impreza WRX that is giving me headaches! It stopped charging a while ago and I done the norm of Battery and Alternator was on its way out so that got changed too. The 3 pin plugged snapped so got a new one, The issue I now have is that with all of this changed, it still has a Battery light on and shows voltage of between 10.80 and 11.34, the confusing bit is when we disconnect the line to the smart charge it goes to 14v but as soon as you plug it back in it drops voltage again. 

The ECU has just come back as well as this had faults on it that have been fixed, plug it all back in it still has the same issues.

I've seen a mod memo for the C/S/L alternator that you can imitate the load via the park light but surely that would make the Battery overcharge and blow?

Anyone ever had the same issue?????

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