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MY2009 Immo antenna location (start button)


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Have been experienced some problems with remote and start button - the yellow key light has been lit and last time I used the car - it didn go off. Was flashing the whole trip. Changed the batteries in the remotes, tested both remotes and changed the start Battery as well. Caaar is not always used.
I checked the fault codes yesterday and there was, then, past fault code of B2202 - Abnormal antenna coil in Keyless access system. 
I tried to find a used antenna, but I couldnt find any here in Sweden. Only for Ignition barrels, what I do not have. 
Does any one know where the antenna is located and what part number it has?


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I bought 3 days access to Subaru Tech Info (there is only American cars) but could NOT find the fault code there nor much on push button ignition key, specially not in Service books.
Then stumbled over this:
https://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Impreza/2009/Impreza 2009/
In Control Systems go to the last file, Keyless access with push button and you can find how to fault search!

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