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2010 BR9 Electric Rack Backlash


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Got a 2010 BR9 with the electric rack. Over mildly rough roads onwards, the clanking, clunking, smashing and banging from the rack can be heard on the continent. With the car off the floor there is no play or clicking whatsoever when violently shaking the wheels at 9 and 3. With the wheels still off the floor, if the shaft joint is gripped and rotated again as violently as possible, nothing! Put the car on ramps and do the same with the shaft joint and the loud banging begins. Underneath nothing can be seen moving. No inner or outer track rod movement etc etc. There is a 17mm hex socket and locknut inline with the input so that is likely to be backlash. I haven't tried to undo it yet. Anyone made this adjust on this rack before? Any preload figures. I have found nowt! The car has had new steering joint and top mounts.


Many Thanks

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I spoke to a rack refurbisher today. Electric rack no different to a belt driven rack. With the reinforcement rod undone on the O/S and pump clamped up out of the way I was able to slacken off the 17mm. I unscrewed it carefully until i could do it by hand meaning preload spring not an issue for reassembly. Took it off cleaned off the Loctite and screwed it back in. Kept adjusting until the noise was gone and the drag was acceptable to me. Rack noise eliminated. Pictures soon if anyone interested.

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