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TLDR : Dealership doesn't know how to enable wiper/headlight auto-on feature or how it operates, Subaru UK thing it only works in the dark, and I think they are both wrong and they don't make sense. Am I wrong? How does this work? How do I use it?

So at the start of the year I asked my dealer to enable the feature to turn on the headlights automatically if the automatic wipers start to wipe continuously. Which is what previous cars I've had were able to do, although they had a hell of a lot more user-friendly way of activating it that forcing me to a dealership to enable it... but anyway...

I got a note back saying that the feature will work if both headlights and wipers are set to Auto.

It doesn't work. So I asked the dealer again, and they said they didn't understand what I was asking for. 

After explaining again, they state they contacted Subaru UK training people, and they were told that the lights will work automatically with the wipers when the light levels are low enough. I pointed out that this is how the normal automatic lights work, and referenced the feature in the owner manual. But no reply or suggestion on how to enable it.

I'm sure that I saw someone talking about this feature in a forum here, but I can't find it and I can't find out how to enable this since my dealership clearly doesn't know how to.

Does anyone know how to make/already have this feature enabled?  I've had it on other cars, and it's a handy feature when it rains, and it rains a lot in Scotland 😄



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