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Factory accessories or aftermarket kit?

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Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, just want some clarification as to if my recently acquired '02 WRX has had an aftermarket WRC kit fitted or if this was a cosmetic factory option/factory accessories.

-Roof scoop, STI style wing, larger bonnet scoop, WRC decals-


ive already put this question up on reddit, however i'd like some fellow enthusiasts opinions so that i dont get stung by insurance more than it already looks like it will!Screenshot_20221130-143856_Gmail.thumb.jpg.9a3d5a7212a9efe16ea055332ed1dfaf.jpgScreenshot_20221130-143831_Gmail.thumb.jpg.6a9e73e6e85bfb5dd31cb9d3c6ca557f.jpg

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