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Secondary Air pump and valve delete 2.0 Legacy EJ204

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I`m getting the dreaded sticking valve codes for the secondary air pump on my 2008 2.0RE Legacy.  I`m thinking of deleting the air pump, fitting the blanking plates etc but am wondering if I need to get the ECU modified to stop the error codes or is there a resistor or similar you can fit? I have found reference to a garage fitting a black box that you connect that fools the ECU into thinking everything's OK, anybody got any experience with that?. I can see posts from people with WRX`s that have had their ECU reflashed but don`t know if its needed on a non turbo EJ204 legacy? If it is does anybody know someone around Oxfordshire / Berkshire that can do it at a reasonable cost? (I`m in Wantage)

Any advice greatly appreciated! Cheers Paul

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Hi Paul

Just spotted your post, and appreciate it’s an old one! Did you find someone to do this? I am thinking about doing the same thing on my Forester. I’m also near Wantage and was going to give these guys in Grove a call….


They seem to suggest they can delete EGR and reprogrammed the ECU……so might be able to sort secondary air……(assuming it’s not the thing!)….



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