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Sigma M30 siren /has it a rechargeable back up battery Fitted .


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Motor Car is a Outback Reg 07

History of repair :-  Car wanted new rear sub frame ,had to wait nearly two and a half months. Car Battery went flat and would not hold its charge over night New one bought and fitted and rear subframe fitted. Now this is what happens .The Immobilizer sets ok The lights on he dash and the LED on the steering column do as thy should ,close door with key all sets ok ,Turn the key car starts as it should but the siren sounds then resets after a period of time then it goes through that process for about 4/5 miles then stops  sounding . The car runs and starts no problem at all so the immobilizer circuit is fine. That is why I think there might be a rechargeable Battery that is not holding its charge.

Also please can someone tell me how to access the siren I think it is in the engine compartment some where near the passenger side wiper .What is the process to get in there .

Apologies for the long ramble ,It is a bit/lot embarrassing driving  along the road and I do not know if it is a road traffic offence

Thanks for the help 


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Thank you all for reading the above waffle I have now traced the fault to the wiring to the siren . A mouse choose to build a block of flats and tapped into the wiring harness for the siren for a power source but he was not a good sparky as he built in a short ,he also used the pollen filter for the build .

Now it just need to find where the Brown wire goes as the siren only has three wires in to the plug and there is four wires in the loom to the siren  

Thanks again 



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