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2006 Spec D Parts for sale


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Hi, The following parts are for the Spec D version of the  Sti produced in 2006. 

When I bought the car the service history want great . It had only  39,000 miles on the clock but I had the the biggest service done by a main dealer including the cam belt. Unfortunately they also changed all the pulleys and tensioner which I am sure wasn't necessary! So I am disposing of the  ones they took off which as far as I can see are pretty good. The new ones cost me over £500 so if you want to try your luck with these there yours for £100 +£4 postage. Pictures below

For the same car an original discreet spoiler. I planned to replace the non standard, not at all discreet spoiler with this original item but could not get the tall spoiler off so swapped boot lids with someone who wanted the high item and so I am left with this spare discreet one.  Several small scratches but general i good condition and complete. £50 + £5 postage

Catalytic Converter, standard with Lambda sensor. Somewhat rusty, especially one flange. Still I have been quoted £97  scrap value for the precious metal it contains but I would rather sell it to someone who needs one so £75 + £10 shipping.

Belt POulleys 2.jpg

Belt pulleys 1.jpg

Catalyst 1.jpg

Catalyst with Lambda sensor.jpg



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