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2008 Legacy wagon immobiliser issue

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Situation : Car was working perfectly on everyday key. With nothing to do I thought I would check all my keys (3 total) worked...big mistake!

Went through a sequence of testing the other keys to check remote locking /starting. Both were unhappy about remote locking, and starting the car after 30 seconds

Both would start the car within 30 seconds.

Then the S##t stared.

None of the keys would work the remote locking nor start the car before or after 30 seconds!

All the keys will turn on the ignition, but not turn the starter, not even pressing the button. Lots of relays clicking & buzzing when ignition switched off

All work the central locking on the lock

I tried the old trick of disconnecting the Battery for a couple of minutes...brief bleep from the alarm when reconnecting, but same problem.

Car is a bit unusual It was an emergency vehicle in Jersey & was fitted with Blues & twos, computer cabling ...even Fridges! All sadly removed! 

Alarm I believe is a Sigma (importer fitted) and I can find no sign of the code panel! I have the code numbers. Local indy couldn't find the panel either!

Sod it. I will go to Timpsons and see if the keys are putting out a signal. Oh, new batteries ordered, not yet arrived...but one  was working fine

My trying keys with (probably)failed batteries has upset the system somehow. Anyone got any sensible ideas? 

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The fobs were weak, but ok. New batteries in now. 

I found the code panel and by inputting the code I alarmed the car so when I got in with the key the alarm went off! Not possible to silence it with the fob button, but reentering the code did the trick. It needed ANOTHER entry of the code and....IT STARTED. So is drivable, if a bit cack handed!

The next trick will be to get the immobiliser to recognise the key fob...surely this HAS to be possible? Pairing? HOW?

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I have got one key that now works everything properly! BUT I still don't know how to Pair my other two keys! I dont want to fiddle about in case I lose it all again!

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