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Subaru Forester XT 2.5 Remap & and exhaust options/advice? (plus turbo??)

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Hi looking for advice on possible remaps I can do to my Forester 2.5 XT. I'm not needing to dramatically increase the performance at this point, just want to consider options that won't affect the fuel consumption too much and give me a bit more power. Also I would consider changing the exhaust if it's necessary with the remap, but I don't want to make the car too noisy and I'm kind of happy with the stock exhaust really, so won't change it if I don't need to! I'm just today having an uprated decat pipe fitted though, which I'm told will make the exhaust a bit more free-flowing. Also will any kind of remap mean I will need to start using either 97ron rule or V-power?? I don't really want to be in that situation really, unless I can use 95 as well, without causing issues. So will reconsider remapping at all unless I can keep using 95ron (I say that now might change my mind though!)


Best remaps to do for me at this point? Any other components that I would need to change in order to do the remap, like fuel pump etc.? (I would prefer to be on the safe side as I'm going to be doing some long road trips and want the car to be as strong as possible). Looking into doing this probably next week so any advice much appreciated.


I'm also a little bit tempted to look into upgrade the turbo as well. But if I do that, firstly will it affect the fuel consumption a lot? (I guess for normal driving it should be the same??). And what other components would I need to upgrade if I do that (intercooler etc.?), plus which remaps are advisable? Cheers!

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