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Selling Subaru Legacy GT-S Package 6-Speed Manual BR9 sale


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Subaru Legacy GT-S Package 6-Speed Manual in Pearlescent Black (“Crystal Black Silica Pearl”)

I think the write up by TorqueGT explains the car very well here: https://www.torque-gt.co.uk/legacy-181121.html

Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT S-Package
Identification Model Legacy
Grade 2.5 GT S-Package
Model Code DBA-BR9
Applied Model BR9A5CX  Search Code
Market JDM Japanese Domestic Market
Final Assembly Location Gunma Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Gunma, Japan
Date 13th July 2009
Platform Line B Legacy (Fifth Generation)
Body Style R 5-Door Touring Wagon
Steering RHD Right-Hand Drive
Revision A March 2009 to April 2010
Drivetrain Transmission 6MT 6-Speed Manual
Drive F4WD Full-time Four Wheel Drive
Engine Type EJ255
Layout H4 Four Cylinder Horizontally Opposed (“Flat Four”)
Fuel Type Petrol 
Displacement 2,457 cc
Induction Tur Turbocharged
Valvetrain DOHC Double Overhead Camshaft
Power 285 PS

Above are stats from the VIN.

MOT Till October 2023, 2 keys (one needs programming and cut) comes with subaru books and wallet but no history was obtained from Japan unfortantely.

Was imported Feb 2022, I am the second UK Owner.

Runs and drives sweet, It currently sits on Rota Grid 18" Wheels which I will be changing back to stock unless you would like them, they have just been refurbished in Bronze and Acid Dipped with 4 matching Uniroyal RS3's

It also currently has a Grundig CarPlay/Android Auto system installed which I would be taking but I can leave the ISO Harness and Fascia's

It has a few marks around the body, it's over 10 years old now so as to be expected but no dings or knocks, could probably do with a polish to bring out that pearlescent paint!

Very nice inside in great condtion with a small rip in the drivers seat where the half leather is, I have bought a premium seat cover for the drivers seat to stop it from getting worse.

I don't really know of any issues apart from the fuel gauge is tempramental since converting to MPH but there is a read out of km's till empty which is very handy to combat this.

SI-Drive works perfectly, you can really feel the power when driving in S# Mode!

Any questions please ask, I don't beleive there are many manuals like this in the UK, it is usually the auto's (could be wrong) 

Based in Staffordshire, West Midlands, Stock I would be looking at £6500 but can discuss the Radio and Wheels if you would like them.
















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