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Hello from Switzerland

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Firstly a short introduction. My name is Dan, I have lived in Switzerland since 2008 and in 2010 bought a diesel Outback which I like a lot.

I have a very good local Subaru dealer who has helped me out on numerous occasions and I am now trying to return the favour. He is trying to get some information on an Impreza GT that was purchased in the UK 20 years ago and imported into Switzerland. The vehicle has never been registered for road use in Switzerland and all of the paperwork for the vehicle has gone missing. He is trying to track some vehicle details from the chassis number only. Does anyone know if this is possible? I have been in touch with DVLA who say they could trace the vehicle but they wont as it’s not in the UK. I have spoken to a Subaru dealer in the UK who could not find anything with the chassis number. He thinks that the vehicle might have been an import from Japan (not Subaru main dealer) as the chassis number starts GC8 - then only has 6 digits. My friend is trying to get the car on the road here but can do nothing without some more paperwork, he is desperate to save this car. 

Can anyone help at all? Anything would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Dan.

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