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Dead battery and car locked out


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Tried to start my 2017 XV this morning, but got lots of flashing lights on dash but it wouldn't turn over. Probably a flat Battery.

A few hours later I returned with a Battery charger but couldn't unlock the car with the key fob, so I tried using the hidden key from the fob in the door lock.

This didn't work either, so I can't get into the car to open the bonnet to charge the Battery. I also tried opening the tailgate using the pin code, but this requires power to the Battery, so that didn't work either.

How do i get into the car? Anyone have any ideas?



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I've recently been round the Battery roundabout but I never actually got locked out. I have read that it can take some effort to get the key to turn properly. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

I am currently trying to decide on the best place to install a discrete 12V power socket (SAE type) so I can plug in charger, Battery minder or supply without opening the bonnet.

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Found this on another forum:


I finally managed to make it work. I turned it (clockwise)* until I felt resistance then I pushed harder and it moved a tiny bit more and unlocked. The mechanism seems to be a bit stiff and might need some lubrication.
*NOTE: that was for lhd car. rhd would be reversed.
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