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2005 WRX Wagon Exhaust / Down pipe HELP.

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Recent observer, first time posting.

I recently bought a late 2005 UK Hawkeye wagon WRX SL, has a few mods (some good some not...) it seems it breaks alot but I'm trying to get it reliable enough for daily duties. It's currently running a Prodrive backbox from a blobeye I believe, a standard centre section and a 3" decat downpipe of an unknown brand but will assume an eBay special looking at it. I had to patch up a rusty hole in the centre box and now all the bodged together parts sound pretty good but I doubt its going to last as the centre-to-rear box flange is seriously corroded.

I'd like a definitive answer if possible please: Which other Exhausts in the Imprexa range will be a straight swap? Can I use a cat-back system from a 2.0 saloon for example? Should anything from 2001-2007 fit?

I ask because when searching for turbo-back systems for Wagon/GG etc I'm not seeing much variety. When I've searched for the answer previously I see conflicting responses. Some say most systems will fit most models others state differently.

Ideally I want a downpipe with a Cat again (sports/race "MOT compliant.... ish"). Happy to stay at 3" with the downpipe and would like something like a Milltek or Prodrive system from there back. Lots of "good" secondhand systems about on eBay etc but aware I might be better going for new - especially with the downpipe/cat.


Thanks - and yes I am a Subaru novice I'm afraid, learning fast with this one though. Owned it about 6 weeks and its cost more to repair & keep on the road so far than it did to buy it.......

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