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Subaru Forester P2444 Code Problem

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Hello all 

I have an Engine warning light on my 2011 Forester (2.0 Petrol 150kW). The OBD2 is states: P2444 “Air System Pump Stuck on Bank 1”

Some research suggests that the fault is with a “Secondary air system pump”

I have been attempting to source an aftermarket replacement, but am struggling with the part number…..

A lengthy google suggests: part number: 14828aa050 but refers to a 2.5litre vehicle (but I used a us part checking service and they don’t seem to have sold 2.0 models there!).

Also, I wonder if the original can be easily removed and reconditioned? 

Can anyone assist? 

Thanks in advance! 





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I have owned Forester's since they first arrived in this  country. Throughout the years, warning lights have been a bane. One morning recently, I went out to the 2004 Forester XLN and the key would not unlock the car. Opened said car with the key manually put key in ignition and all the lights on  the dashboard came on as usual, but not the starter motor.

So, fully charged the Battery in situ but uncoupled. Put a new Battery in the key. Followed up - after battery  had fully recharged - by using the key in the usual manner. . Car started immediately and the warning light went off. and stayed off for some100 miles before coming on again. My reaction is that I will continue driving the car until  July when it goes in for an MOT and get the warning light sorted.

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Thanks Tony

Interesting! I think there may be a key resetting procedure…..I will look it up and repost if I can find it….

I’ve had some issues operating the 1 button remote. 1 push and it always unlocks the drivers side 2nd push locks all doors, holding the button down I think is supposed to unlock all doors but this is at best random! Not worried as I just unlock using the button on the drivers side door…..

I will try and change the pump if I can find the right part at the right price and see where I get! 

kind regards 



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