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2018 Subaru XV Unknown Noise Please Help


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Hi all,

My grandparents 2018 Subaru XV 2.0 Diesel only 75,000 kilometers has starting producing an unknown noise from the beneath the engine. It sounds like some sort of pump and I have read online that it may be the vaccum pump for the fuel evaporation leakage checking system but any advice would be appreciated.

The noise starts a short while after start up or after you throttle the engine on idling and it does not stop until the engine is switched off. They have brought it in to where it was purchased 5 years ago and the garage failed to identify what the source the noise was and stated that it was a normal part of the engine systems. The vehicle has no warning or fault lights lit on the dash and recieved all of it's regular services.

My grandparents believe that the engine used to make such a noise for short periods but that the system would disengage. However no matter how short or long the journey the noise persists until the engine is switched off. They are worried that this may cause long term problems if not addressed. Subaru has now pulled out of Ireland also so it is quite difficult to find any mechanics who have experience working on them.

If anyone who has experience with the Subaru XV could help identify the noise we would greatly appreciate it. Please see the video attached which shows the noise.



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