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Sale. H6 rn Auto Wagon

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#lkĺoI don't want to sell my beloved Legacy but as I'm moving abroad and the import tax is £13k ( yes £13k ) I'm forced to sell my 2004 H6 Legacy Estate.

Owned since 2017 and spent thousands on it. The list is too long to put on here but I have all receipts. Major things include 18in Stuttgart Jap Bronze alloys with Alloygaters ( still have original alloys ). Stainless exhaust from manifold back. KYB Shocks n Springs. Brake disks and Calipers. Lambda sensors. Oil and filter change every 6k miles. ATF changed ( sump was completly clean ) Tinted windows. turbo bonnet in original matching colour. Bushes where required. etc etc.

It has Service History but not every time stamped. In it's early life, Servicing by Subaru.

Never failed MOT. It doesn't have one currently as it ran out whilst I've been abroad for last 12 months. It has been started and run every 2 weeks.

140k miles but looks and drives like new. I take care of my cars. Always washed once per week and is polished to a professional standard.

Cream leather interior with some age related signs. All electrics work. Panoramic sunroof. Cruise control, electric this and that. I don't need to tell you what the spec is on a H6, your a Scooby Member .

The private number plate can come with the car but alone that could sell for £750 ( discussion if you want it and i still have the original number plates )

4 wheel drive never missed a beat. No clonking, no noises other than the beautiful, throaty chorus of that lovely flat 6.

Any inspection welcome but don't waste your and my time, saying your interested, then low ball me with a stupid offer.

Yes it's 19yrs old ( soon will be a classic ) and it's not concourse ( not far off tho ) but I truly believe they are or soon will be, increasing in price.

In Europe, similar models albeit no where near as clean and tidy as mine, sell for €7k-€9k, and if required, will advertise it abroad but would love to see it kept in Great Britain.

All sensible offers considered but don't start at £4k as I've spent over £7000 on it since acquisition.

It is an insurance, none structural damaged listed. Some goon slowly reversed their stupid SUV into the offside door and 1/4 panel before I purchased. Been professional fixed and painted.

Can only contact me on WhatsApp or Telegram +44 7733350043.














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