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Different tow bar for 2017 and 2021 Outback models?


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Hi everyone

Just joined the forum after deciding to keep with Subaru and changing my 2017 Outback for a 2021 one.

I have a query about fitting a tow bar. I had a Witter detachable tow bar fitted to the 2017 car. It was the bolted flange type. The local towbar place says the car has changed and it has to be a swan neck type. That is awkward as my bike carrier bolts on to the flange. Has the Outback changed over these years? It looks the same from the outside.

Later - a bit more online research tells me there has been a change where a new ‘Subaru Global Platform’ has been used recently according to a wikipedia page.  Presumably it means the chassis is different.

I seem to have answered my own question but would welcome any comments. I will update this once I have fitted a towbar.



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