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compatible flexi or lightened flywheel and clutch kits


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Hi , I've recently picked up a 2.0Ltr  BL5 with a EJ204 engine and TY757VTCAB Trans, originally it was fitted with a DMF and OEM clutch, ( my first Subaru) sorry for the delay been stuck on afa's for a while,

The previous owner stuffed in a Semi  flexi flywheel and clutch from a 1999 Impreza 2.0 125 bhp wagon but its slipping after just 20k so i need to swap it out, I will be doing a few mods down the road but I'm really not keen on putting  a DMF back in as it sucks the life out of normally aspirated engines,

Any advice on a lightened flywheel and clutch setup that would fit? or a different flexi flywheel and clutch from a higher rated  motor that would fit? I'm keen to go down the lightened flywheel route as it suites my driving style,

thanks in advance for your your help, 

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