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Tyres 2017 forester I to the sligh

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Replacing one tyre i'd hope to see no more than 2mm difference in tread depth assuming the same tyre brand and type is fitted, at 5k the tyres shouldn't be any more worn than 2mm with any luck so it wouldn't worry me unduly.

If the new tyre is a different make and type it could explain the pulling to one side, you've obviously double checked tyre pressures, if all is well and this persists move the new tyre to the back...one thought here, was the tyre needing replacement damaged by pot hole or kerb strike if so its possible there could be some alignment issue.

Its best on AWD cars to rotate tyres now and again to even wear up so you replace all 4 at once, its not ideal to replace in pairs as large differences inrolling radius means the centre diff is working constantly to balance the differing rates of rotation.

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I have been told to replace all four tyres ,replace in pairs,replace damaged tyre with the same tread , same depth, so purchased part worn tyre same make same tread depth.

Don,t mind buying a new one if this is the best option.it is only slight but not the same as before.

The tyre had a bolt through it unrepairable.

Will anything be damaged 







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If you've managed to find a part worn same type same tread depth as the others then you/ve fixed the issue ideally, a better recourse than one odd new tyre.

If its still pulling to one side and the pressures are correct (and you've swapped the offending wheel to the back with no improvement) then one must assume there's an alignment issue that needs investigating.


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