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What’s it worth? 2007 Legacy.


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Hello all.

I have a ULEZ compliant 2007 Legacy 2.0 RE auto estate which I’m looking to sell and I’m after some guidance as to value. The usual WBAC type sites offer about £2500 initially but then chip away at the price down to quite a lot less than that.

The good: it’s a decent runner, last MOT in February, everything works. It currently has just shy of 38,000 miles on the clock so barely run in. I bought it in 2018 and, like the previous owner, have averaged less than 3,000 miles a year.

The bad: it was an insurance write off at some stage but was suitably repaired before I bought it and structurally has never caused me a concern. The outside has all the usual cosmetic damage you’d expect of a sixteen year old car, plus a dent in the tailgate where I reversed it into a bollard a few years back.

I reckon that even stripped for the engine and other parts by an enthusiast it’s got to be worth considering a private sale. I can post some photos if necessary. What do the forum experts think?

Edit to add: I’m near Leek, Staffs if anyone fancies a look and a cheeky offer.

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