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SAI wiring diagram?


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Has anyone got a wiring diagram, or a link to one, of the secondary air system for my 57 plate Forester XTE. Given that the pump I just bought came out of an Impreza I'd guess that it's common to most models. The CEL came on last week, OBD code P0410 came up, the pump was not running. With a replacement fitted I now get the code for a relay fault but I've tested that and it works perfectly well. Going through the system with a meter I cannot get a voltage to the 50 amp supply into the relay. Is there a fuse somewhere in that circuit that got blown when the motor failed, if so where is it located? I found a heavy duty connector under the fuse box that LED to the relay and was oiled up and full of gunge but cleaning that as best I can has not solved the problem. Any help or advice please!

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