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SBF No8 Fuse and 0.39A draw


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My Forester XT 2015 has had problems from new with the Battery will flatten over a few weeks if we don't use the car. Bulldog Twyford looked at it a couple of times without real success and then opted out when I missed a 12 month service ( I promise I won't swear, but xxxxxxx ).

Anyway we have always blamed a rear boot not shutting correctly at times, but today I started following it through and disconnected both the rear boot closure and the lift mechanism to find I still have about 0.39A draw in standby. Pulling fuses both the Backup fuse and the SBF No8 fuse are pulling current. I can understand the Backup fuse but what is SBF No 8 ? The SBF No8 is a 50A fuse, what draws that sort of current ?

Any clues please would be welcome.


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