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Subaru Impreza for sale- Needs new exhaust & rear shock abs.

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I've got an Impreza 1500cc, which I no longer need. It needs a new exhaust (or possibly it can do with a repair) and rear shock absorbers.

It was time for me to buy a new car, so my Impreza is no longer needed.

My local garage couldn't source a replacement exhaust from their suppliers. And the rear shock absorbers need replacing, so the car isn't currently safe to drive. I've included a photo which shows the state of one of the rear shock absorbers.

Other than these things, the car has been running really well. 

  • Total mileage: 90,450 miles
  • Registered June 2007
  • Next MOT: January 4, 2024

Obviously, this is a basic Impreza model, but I thought it might be of interest to someone here, either for fixing or for spares.

It would need to be picked up. I'm based in the south Manchester area.

I am not sure what it's worth, but I would be happy for £650

If interested, contact me at ian_a_gray@yahoo.co.uk


2023-11-21 12.51.49.jpg

2023-11-21 12.51.59.jpg

2023-11-21 12.52.02.jpg

2023-11-21 12.52.12.jpg

2023-11-21 12.52.20.jpg

2023-11-21 12.52.38.jpg




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