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Outdoor car cover


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I’m looking for some advice on what outdoor car cover to get 

have recently restored my 1995 wrx and want a really good outdoor cover for it the are so many out there it’s a bit of a mind field any help would be greatly appreciate 

thanks Andy 


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You want one that's multi layered, with a soft almost fleecy underlayer which won't damage the paint as wind moves the cover around, these tend to be pricey so don't be surprised if you're up in the £200+ bracket.

In practice the weather, sun mainly,  attacks the outer cover from day one, one cover (the brand of which i can't recall sadly) the outer layer started to disintegrate ie flaking, so my solution has been to put a cheaper waterproof outer cover over the expensive layered cover as a sacrificial offering to the elements, when that starts to deteriorate replace it, this way the original one lasts indefinately.

This has worked for me for a good number of years now on my old Merc coupe.


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