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Hi guys new to group and hopefully new to the Subaru wr1 .

I haven't yet bought but looking at buying the 2004 wr1. Always loved the car and I have seen a nice one near me.my question is what should I look out for?.I think clutch,pulleys and timing belt are main areas as it's got 58k on the clock but is there anything I should be concerned about or known issues..also maybe looking at putting a better turbo on as these has improved since 2004 but will I have to upgrade any internals if I want to push it over 400bhp.thanks in advance.jay👍

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hi there have been the proud owner of a wr1 for the past 14 years no real problems, knocking rear shock absorbers is one its a design fault usally nothing wrong with them, alot of people put coil overs on to stop it,as long as you have a good service history and it has not been abused you should be ok,my advice is dont mod it and these cars will go up in price in the future ,look how much you will pay now for a P1 NOW!!! also check the rear spoiler as rust forms undeneath common fault in all sti models.

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