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New Subaru Forester owner

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Hello,  recently purchased a 2017 Forester diesel CVT.  30,000 miles.  Waiting for the dealer to prep it for me - some dings to sort out and a scratch to be removed plus a removable towbar to be fitted.  

Had a test drive and liked it.  It's a 2nd vehicle for me so I'm not too fussy for this one about handling or performance  - but in both respects it seemed fine.  Wanted it to be able to tow and serve as a back up vehicle.  It seems to be very comfortable, very easy to see out and quiet for a diesel - from inside the cabin.

Items to be adressed:  I would like to get the differential fluids changed and a CVT fluid flush/change.   The Infotainment will need to be changed - not having Android auto is not acceptable.

It has a back up camera but neither rear nor front parking sensors - an oversight in my opinion as my Audi has both and I use the camera and the sensors a lot.

I live in France but planning to use the Forester to visit my parents.  

Any recommendations for a replacement infotainment system?

What consumption should I expect on long runs - say around 70mph?




WhatsApp Image 2024-01-15 at 15.57.48.jpeg

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