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Subaru or RAV4 ?


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I have seen two cars

A 2008 Forester xs petrol auto fsh, 12 months mot, 104k miles, cambelt changed at 94k. From a garage 3 months warranty. Asking £3795

A 2009 RAV4 5dr 2.0 XT petrol, fsh,12 months mot, 149k.miles. private sale asking £3600

I will drive around 5k miles a year. Mainly 3 sometimes 4 adults. 3 dogs(2 in boot- Rottweiler and Labrador)

I'm really stuck. The RAV4 parts will be readily available and I know the engines go on forever but can rust. I've heard Subaru parts are expensive


Advice would be great..thanks




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Difficult choice!  I’ve owned both (albeit the previous gen RAV4) and enjoyed them immensely. They both will rust, so have a good feel along the sills. If you can, take both for a test drive and sit in the back afterwards to consider the amount of space for passengers, and look at the boot size. I always had the back seats down as it was just me and my dog, so can’t advise on space.  

Subaru parts are expensive, and not always easy to come by. Check the MOT history on both. Maybe offer the private seller £300 less and be prepared to walk away. It’s quite a high mileage. 

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Depending on model some Rav4 boots aren't that big, i would have a good look see if it would be big enough for your use before

Older square Foresters and almost all Outbacks have useful estate car type boots, our SG9 is plenty big enougn for our 3.

Avensis would be a better choice if you don't need 4WD, but avoid the 2.2 Diesel.

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