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"Blocked" fan misting windscreen washer jet fixed

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Thought to speak up about this problem that I sorted.

It was daunting as in the old days I would clear it with a poke, or blow it.

On my 2010 Forester, and many others its not that simple, and when I looked into it, the wipers had to come off, the panel under the windscreen to get to the back of the jets, and then the word was to replace them.

Anyhow all that dismantling was easier than I imagined, just get on with it, and then pull the jets off the pipes and blow through to look for blockages, just with mouth at first, though watch out for the bad taste, find a way to not get the antifreeze on your lips. In my case it was the non return valves playing up, and they dont appear to be dismantle able, so I ordered some generic ones off eBay cheap. In the meanwhile I re assembled with horticultural irrigation pipe  joiners that I had laying around. Effectively bypassing the idea of non return valves. Now they work perfectly. If a bit strong. Maybe the non return valves were also sort of regulating the flow somewhat. I dont have any noticeable delay before the jets start squirting.

Any comments on this fix welcome, and hope it helps anyone in the same fix.

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