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New member - Hello all

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I’m new to the Club although made a few comments on CVT servicing. 

I’ve bought a 2017 Outback, 1 local owner full history, 66000 miles, i it bought from Tweedmouth garages my main local Subaru garage, it’s approved Subaru proven car from main dealer, came with full service, inc new discs and pads all round, refurbished wheels, new Battery they even changed the PCV valve so seem quite thorough. I’ve fitted a set of four Michelin cross climate 2 so they need scrubbed in a few thousand miles before giving best mpg.
The car is very clean and seems to have minimal very light surface corrosion on the underside, I’m going to clean and treat all that and re wax it using Bilt Hamber products, I’m also having the CVT serviced in the next month or so. 
I’ve just driven to Cornwall last week 490 mile and the car is superb very comfy very easy and has returned 43 mpg on way down and is showing average for the last 600 miles of 37.2. Mpg that’s including 7 days around small Cornish roads. 
my Volvo D5 V70 I sold was a 2002model with over 190000 miles still going well, I’m hoping this Subaru will do similar milage and last at least another 10 to 15 yrs if looked after.
By the way this is a nicer drive than the Volvo.  
regards Jake1

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