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Hybrid gearbox questions


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I've been lurking on some the EV conversion forums and asking questions about how I could convert my Legacy diesel into an EV.

One the solutions would be to use the hybrid gearbox from a later model XV (or Crosstrek).

The trick is to use both MG1 and MG2 to drive the car. Damien explains it using a Lexus transmission

I have seen various figures for the total power output but ~220bhp would be good.

So I've been looking around for sources of these hybrid gearboxes.

1. It would be helpful to have the gearbox codes.

2. Also, I don't know if the other Subaru hybrids use the same gearbox.

3. I'm assuming that the XV hybrid transmission is about the same size as the ICE one and so about the same size as other Subaru gearboxes. Hopefully fitting it to the Legacy won't be the hard part.


Like all EV conversions, Battery packing will be the hard part.

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