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Jap speed restrictor on ECU


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Where can you get the speed restrictor removed? My Legacy has an annoying speed restrictor which kicks in hard at 120mph. Not a problem in the UK however there are the odd occasions when I go over to Germany and I would really like see what she is made of. Who can help with this?

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If I remember you have to take the speedo cluster out and bridge it,but if not already done would give you the chance to change the Speedo to MPH. It was the case with older Impreza's anyway not sure if it's all done from the ECU now. I will have a look :D


Ok it is all done from the ECU by the looks of it. But the cluster trick changes it to  MPH and moves the limiter to 180MPH which you wouldn't be able to do anyway. I  think you can buy the kits to do them on eBay. But I'm sure likelihood is you will have stuff at home that will do the same thing. 

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Right 3 possible points from what I can make out 

The ECU 

Behind the speedo cluster 

Or you have to fit the converter on the wiring above the speed sensor on the gearbox :D 

I'm just not sure which one it is. Had a look on Fleebay only kits I could find was all to do with the classic shape Imprezas 

But THIS is what I was on about from HKS 

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OK looks good - there are quite a number of different versions, have asked HKS which would be the correct one. It looks like the Type 1 is the one for the car see http://www.rhdjapan.com/hks-sld-speed-limit-defencer-type-i.html


So any idea how this is fitted? Behind the clocks? or I think you said from the Gearbox speed sensor?

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