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Outback. Immobiliser/fob problem.


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Well what a pain in the bum, I went down to my usual garage to drop off some booze for the lads for Xmas, drove into the workshop, ( right next to where the radio is on fairly loud), switched off the car, unloaded the booze, had a quick chat, went to start the car, and the key fob had no effect whatsoever. Spent a fair while fiddling about trying to get it to work using the key to manually lock/unlock the car, checked the fob Battery etc, but no chance. 

I have the same problem with my Range Rover parked in the same spot when the fob wouldn't  work there either till we moved it 

We pushed the car outside to clear the way for others but still no joy outside. I rang the local Subaru garage and they rang me back with an override code and all that did was start the alarm going, They said get it up to them and they would put their magic box on to investigate.

Anyway I got it towed 1/2 mile to the Subaru garage and they are going to look at it tomorrow ( the didn't have a chance this afternoon).

Kevin, one of the fitters who I had dropped a case of Thatchers cider down to earlier, phoned me up on his way home tonight and told me he had a L/R Discovery have the same problem this afternoon, i.e, parked in the same place and couldn't get the fob to work until they pushed it outside where at least it worked eventually.

Anyone else had this problem with Radio Waves disruption? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

It's enough to drive one to drink ( well it's an excuse anyway).

Happy Xmas, Bah Humbug.


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I have heard about this happening before we had a member who was stuck in a field because of overhead power lines do the same thing. But his was a classic shape impreza so would have thought it would have been with an older car's, guess not. 


I remember a few years back I came out of asda's and I see this guy kicking the crap out of his car Peugeot I think it was. With his Missus crying and a newborn baby and a trolley full of shopping. I went over to see if I could help I couldn't get the dam thing started, I got them laughing eventually they was going to get a taxi but said stuff that it was too cold it was about this time of year so I took them the other side of town to drop them off with the shopping. I'm such a nice guy like that :) 

turns out the magnets that lock the trolleys from leaving the carpark had messed with his :( So I'm not sure if there is a way around stopping it or not. 

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as Gambit stated it was me that had this issue, basically Subaru alarm then came with shielding but in there great wisdom never foresaw the expansion of the technological age of mobile phones etc, my advice is reprogram the keypad with a code as if this happens with your fob you have that as a back up.

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Hi all I am new to the club and I am just in the process of buying an 09 WRX 5dr and am looking for some info please. The numbered keypad you mention that sits within the car, is there a way of finding the code or getting a new one.

many thanks in advance 

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