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Changing an ECU? Straight swap?

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I'm still not 100% sure it would work what mods have you got is your's a WRX and wanting to put an STI ECU. And I still think you would need to sort the Immobiliser side of things out. but I'm not a Remapper at all my knowledge doesn't go very far with it. I'm going to email someone I know who's a mapper near me and see if he will join up and give you advice. He does it for a living so would be better to speak with him :D


I've PM'ed him on Facebook for you mate not sure how quick a response it will be :)  

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I remember someone on here swapped a bugeye ECU for another Bugeye PPP and seemed to think it was fine but I couldn't get my head around it working with him not having the upgrades of car it was from. But that's why I've asked we have had a few questions about mapping. And I think unless you do it or have done it hard to know for sure. I mean I'm stupid enough to have just swapped it over to see what it would do :D but thats me I wouldn't want to tell someone to try it without checking 1st :) 

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Hi mate he's PM'D me back 


Hi, if I understand the question right someone wants to put an STI Ecu on a Wrx in the hope of getting more power. That wouldn't work as the STI Ecu will be set up for a completely different engine, turbo, injectors etc. also i believe on subarus of that age the Ecus are coded to the car. But not 100% sure.


I've just copied what he posted for you and basicly what I was saying before. The ECU will be trying to put more power to parts of the car thats not suited, if that makes sense. So would maybe seem ok but would do massive damage to the engine if it even started :)

Hope this helps 

And thanks to Gareth at Map-tech in Brigg for the quick reply :)

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it will be a straight swap however, and take my advice from personal experience it wont run bang on, different mileage, engine wear, fuel etc etc with be different from what the map will be and there will be plenty of variables, I did this as a cheap alternative to getting it remapped and still ended up forking out for the remap on top of the ECU :/ to get it corrected.

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