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Console + Games Clear out

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Since finding out that the Scooby needs some money throwing at it and wanting to get a few other bits and bobs for it I have decided that I must let go some of my collection.


Now I have checked the prices on all the items and believe at time of posting to be correct, discounts will be added to multiple buys.


Games collection is as follows


Xbox 360:

Aliens Colonial Marines Limited Edition £5

Forza Horizon £10 SOLD

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition £5

Final Fantasy XIII Collectors Edition £20

Viking Battle for Asgard £5

Forza Motorsport 3 Collectors Edition ( Rare launch day release with USB and Key ring both unused) £5 SOLD

Saints Row 4 £10
Halo 4 £10

Dead Island Riptide £10

Fifa 13 £5

Resident Evil 6 £5

Black Ops 2 £10

Call of Duty WaW £5

Fable 2 £5

Too Human £5

Mw2 £5

Stranglehold Collectors edition hard case.£10



PS3 320gb slim with two pads one is limited edition killzone in green, 6 months old £150 + P&P

Bulletstorm £5

Mercenaries 2 £5

Front Mission Evolved £5

Aliens Vs Predator £5

Spacemarines £5

Fifa 10 £3

Resistance 3 £5

Killzone 2 £5

Dragons Dogma £10

Reckoning  £10

Metal Gear Solid. £10

Dead Island Limited edition £10

Sniper V2 £10

Destroy all Humans 2 £10


PS2: All PS2 Games are £5ea inc P&p or 5 for £20 except if stated.

Quake 3 ( great for if mates are round with beers)

Reign of fire

Area 51 V Rare collectors edition £10


Pro Evo 5

Big Mutha Truckers

Silent Scope

Sonic Hereos


Top Gun.




Thanks for looking.


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I'm interested both Forzas mate

My kids scratched the crap out of my copy of Horizon  when I tried to put it on yesterday :(

And Forza 3 I had a (cough's) Copy of that that resulted in me getting a ban from Live :( 

How did you want payment... Sexual favours ? 

Paypal ?


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Paypal will be fine , and yeah my Xbox 360 has the stealth chip in it just needs an update but I rarely use it these days.


I also have Forza 4 as well mate if interested. pm me your details and ill give you my paypal address.

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