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Hey guys

Just wondered if anybody knows why my engine cut out on me on the motorway?

I was doing 75 in 5th at about 2600 revs when I slowly pushed it to 80 the turbo came in and engine cut out with a bang so I eased off again and it was ok.

By the way it spins up and pulls perfect through the gears during normal road driving,just seems to be at top end!!

Any ideas?


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Oh ok so not restricted at all then. 


1st thing i would look at is the ECU codes and check for any damaged or loose vacumlines if that's all ok give the boost solenoid a clean, also seen this fault with map sensors going faulty too. 

Have you changed the Induction kit at all ? I've not known it to falter at 80mph because of the MAF but just want to eliminate that :) 

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When you say the engine cut out, do you mean the engine actually stopped and you had to restart it? or do you mean, it felt like you very suddenley ran out of power?


If it was the later, it sounds like fuel cut, which is waht happens when the ecu detects a problem in the system and only gives you a kind of limp home mode.


As has been said above, whatever happened, check for codes first.

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