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intremitent clicking and clucking from front passenger wheel


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Hi please help im a new owner of a impreza 2000 turbo wagon. I have a decent knowlage of the motor vehicle but owning a subaru is a new thing. Any way bought the car with 150000 miles on the clock with a v good servicehistory. It has no mods aprt from a single decat pipe and in vgood condition but now and again i hear a clucking noise from the front passenger wheel area. If i aply the brakes it goes i put it down to a caliper sticking. But it sounds like its not. It dosent rattle or bump when over speed bumps or rough ground. All bushings look in all good order and roll bar. Im stuck please help.

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I'd check what Tlag said but I would also take the pads out and check for a sticking piston on the calipers or if you have lost any of the back plate on the brakes that might be letting the pads move around more :)

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